Spa Cover Warranty

Spa Cover 5 Year Warranty

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, hereby limiting to the scope and duration as

Five (5) Year Warranty on Insulation Against Water Saturation

One (1) year warranty on all spa covers with regard to the quality of materials and workmanship.

This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser of spa cover, should a defect as outlined in this warranty become apparent during the warranty period, as follows:

1. Should it be necessary, purchaser is responsible for shipping their cover or vinyl encasement back to the manufacturer at their plant location of 2875 MCI Drive, Pinellas Park, Florida 33782. An original sales invoice for said spa cover will need to be provided as well and the cover must be paid in full.

2. Manufacturer will, upon inspection and determination of the validity of the claim, either repair or replace the spa cover based on the following pro-rata basis:

             a) Within the first 365 days from the date of purchase: No charge.
             b) Day 366 through the next 48 months: 1/60th of the current retail price of a new cover each month since original retail purchase.

3. The repaired or the replacement cover will be delivered to the purchaser within ninety (90) days from receipt of defective spa cover. Said shipment to dealer/end consumer will be at purchaser’s expense.

4. Warranty does not cover improper use or any of the following: 1) excessive chlorination of water or splashing of chemicals on spa cover; 2) chaffing or wearing holes in spa cover by dragging over rough surfaces or storing against sharp objects; 3) foam breakage is not covered; some examples are: sitting on cover, placing objects on covers surface. Or walking on spa cover (except walk-on covers); 4) torn handles caused by improper use – handles are to used as a means to open cover and to fasten cover down to spa only – not for use in carrying spa cover; 5) walk-on covers are designed to hold the weight of two average adults; they are not designed for jumping on, or excessive weight.

5. Repairs or alterations made to spa cover by anyone other than personnel authorized by manufacturer hereby invalidates this warranty or any other warranty whether expressed or implied.

Installation Instructions

Center spa cover on the top of the spa.
Attach the four tie down locks with the twelve screws enclosed.
Insure that there is no more than one half an inch of excess material in strap lock.

Important Safety Instructions

For safe use of spa covers, the following basic safety precautions should be as followed:

Read and follow all instructions.
Warning: Accidental drowning can occur if spa is used with cover on or partially on.
Warning: This is not a safety cover. The cover will not support the weight of children. To prevent injury, keep adults, children, and all other objects Off!!
Warning: The cover is large and awkward. Care should be taken when removing to prevent injury or strains.

Care and Maintenance

Congratulations! You have purchased the world’s finest spa cover. To keep your cover in good condition, a few simple maintenance steps and precautions should be followed:

Pets, children, and other objects must be kept off the cover. The cover should never be used as a table. This can cause permanent damage to the foam inserts, except for walk-on covers, which will easily hold the weight of two average adults.

All heat producing objects such as grills, lanterns, etc. should be kept away from the cover. Excessive heat will damage the vinyl and foam inserts.

The cover should be kept clean. Do not let dirt or debris accumulate. Washing the vinyl with a vinyl cleaner on a regular basis will keep the spa cover looking good for years. Vinyl conditioners should be applied periodically.

Never use harsh chemicals on the cover. Do not use mildew removers on the cover.

When adding chlorine or other chemicals to the spa, move the cover completely away from spa so that splashing cannot inadvertently reach the cover.

Warning: Do not use Tri-Chlor Sanitizers. Use of Tri-Chlor will void cover warranty.

After adding chemicals to your spa leave your cover off for 1-3 hours.