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Here are step by step instructions on how to find the correct dimensions / measurements for your new hot tub cover. 

Finding the dimensions/measurements for your new hot tub cover may seem intimating but it with the right instructions and patience it can be an enjoyable experience.  We do ask that you double check your measurements before entering your order on the website as all hot tub covers are custom built to order.  Please note that all dimensions/measurements should be entered in inches.  

Please use a standard tape measure and double and triple check your measurements.  Please pay particular attention when entering your dimensions on the website that you have selected the correct spa shape.  If you spa has Rounded Corners please make sure you are on the correct page that asks for your rounded corner radius.  Measuring for your spa cover is very easy, and we will show you how!

  1. Length and width measurements are in inches.  On the order page we suggest rounding up to the nearest inch just to give a bit more room and ensure your cover is not too tight.  We can build to any dimension (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 etc).  If you are concerned about fit just add 1/2" to be safe.  Allowing a little extra is good practice.  it is always best to error on the larger side than having a cover that is too tight or too small.  A larger cover will work just fine but a cover that is too small will be tight or may not fit at all.
  2. Dimensions are best taken from the spa or hot tub  and not from the old cover.  Spa covers can loose their shape overtime and may give you inaccurate measurements .  If your cover fit correctly you can compare your measurements to those of your old cover for verification.
  3. Covers over 96" length or width are considered oversized.  We can still build but at an additional cost.  Please Contact Us for a price quote.
  4. How to find your spa cover skirt length.  A spa cover skirt is the portion of your fabric that extends down from your cover bottom and overlaps the top of your spa. Cover skirts help protect the acrylic part of your spa from UV damage so it's important that they hang down enough to cover the acrylic. Measure from the bottom of your existing cover down to where the acrylic stops and the cabinet starts.
  5. If your spa has obstructions or features needing special cut outs, flaps, speaker hoods, etc we can build but at an additional cost.  Please contact us for pricing and to confirm we can build a hot tub cover for your hot tub make and model.

Measuring the Easy way to do it Right! How to Measure for a Hot Tub Cover 

How to measure for a spa cover with a standard spa cabinetConventional Spa Cabinets (most spas):

Most newer spas are made with the acrylic shell lip slightly overhanging the spa cabinet paneling.  These spas are very easy to measure from the outside edge of the shell.

  1. Measure the required overall shell dimensions. Measure from the complete outside part of the shell so the skirt will hang straight down and not taper out with the shell.
  2. The skirts only function is to protect the acrylic from getting bleached out by the sun.  Measure from the top of the spa down to where the spa acrylic stops and cabinet starts.  Please make sure your skirt is long enough to cover the acrylic but if you would like it longer that would be fine as well.  

Hot to measure your radius for a spa cover.

  • Finding your Radius. This is much easier than you would think.  If you have a framing square you can use this tool to find your radius.  Just hold up to the corner of your spa and measure one leg of the square to where the acrylic first touches the square.  This is your radius.  Or you can use our Radius Template Sheet which is found on the spa cover order page in the description box.  Just click and then print the template.  Take the template out to your spa, hold over one of the spa corners and match up the best radius.  We recommend that you cut out that radius and hold up to the corner to confirm.  If it does not match you can repeat the process till you find the closest radius.  We recommend rounding down on the radius.  For example if it is between a 10" or 12" radius we recommend rounding down to the 10" radius. 

Spa Cabinets with Wooden Edge Rim:

If your spa resembles this spa with a wood Edge around the outside of the acrylic shell lip, have have a choice as to how your cover can be made:

  1. Skirt Conceals only acrylic shell lip and sits atop wood edge.
  2. Spa Covers for Spa Cabinets with Wooden Edge Rims.1. If you prefer to have your spa cover sit atop the wood edge, the measure acrylic shell dimensions and skirt length.
  3. Make skirt length about 1/4" shorter than distance from top of spa shell to top of wood edge rim, so that it does not bunch up against the wooden ledge of the spa cabinet.  This will allow the cover to seat positively against the shell. 
  4. This is the more standard cover construction for spa cabinets with wood edge rim.


 Skirt conceals acrylic lip and overhangs wood cabinet edge rim.

  1. If you prefer to have your spa covers skirt overhang the wood edge, then measure overall cabinet dimensions and make a slightly larger so skirt fall straight down to cover wood trim.
  2. Determine skirt length and make sure long enough to cover wood edge.  Measure from the top of the spa acrylic to the bottom of wood edge rail.


Inset Acrylic Spas:

If your spa's acrylic shell is set directly into a wooden deck or built into a concrete surface.

  1. Be sure to take overall outside measurements of spa length and width (NOT the inside opening dimensions) so that your cover will seat correctly and cover the spa shell's acrylic rim.
  2. Make skirt length about 1/4" shorter than distance from the top of the spa shell to top of the deck, so that it does not bunch up against the deck surface.  This will allow the cover to seat positively against the shell when closed.


In - Ground Concrete or Plaster Spas:

  1. Be sure to add at least 6" to 8" to the opening dimensions (length and width) so that your cover will be supported properly and extend past the spa opening at least 3" to 4" on all sides. Example: Spa opening is 70" x 80"; order your cover 78" x 88".
  2. This type of spa cover is often ordered without a skirt.

How to Make a Spa Cover Template:

For an odd-shaped spa you can easily make a template which we can use to build your cover.  From any home improvement store, obtain the following supplies to make the tracing.

  1. Clear Plastic Painter's Tarp
  2. Roll of Masking Tape
  3. Permanent Marking Pen


  1. Drape the clear plastic over the top of the spa.
  2. Tape the plastic to the sides of the spa cabinet or the platform surface. (If an in-ground or in-deck spa)
  3. When the plastic is taunt, first write the word "Top" on it, then trace an outline of the spa shell using a felt tipped permanent marker, leaving a little extra (1/4" to 1/2") all around the perimeter.
  4. IMPORTANT: Be Certain to mark "Top" on the side of the template.  Otherwise, your cover could be made incorrectly as a mirror image of your spa. Also, write your name and phone number on the template.
  5. For in-ground spas without acrylic rims please add at least 6" - 8" to the opening dimensions (length and width) so that your cover will be supported properly and extend past the spa opening at least 3" to 4" on all sides.
  6. Please email us for more information and for the mailing instructions for the template.


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